We will the development of tourism resources with orders development and local specialties of the original food.

Original food development

We will stick to taste Please leave the development of the original food.

Original food as tourism resources And we also offer development of original food with local specialties.

Original food, is also effective as tourism resources that lead to local activation.
For example, it is the original source and dressing you use a local specialty products.
It uses shape the vegetables and fruits you've no longer put out to or to market gone with a bad or scratches on the raw materials.
To eliminate waste, you can more effectively appeal to regional specialties.

And we will make it in bulk from suggestions to delivery.
If you think the "regional activation through food", please contact us to us.


As novelty goods of companies As PR of local production for local consumption goods As a souvenir, such as stations, airports and service area


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  • Gourmet story original products,such as food for dressing source business You will find.
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